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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Debut Video Capture Software

Debut Video Capture Software

Record video from webcam, capture devices like video camera or screen

Debut is a simple, easy to use video recorder that lets you capture video files directly on your PC using a webcam (video camera), or capture device (from video). This PC video capture software can also capture and record almost anything that can be played or displayed on the computer screen. The program saves the video on your hard drive as avi, wmv or many other file types.

Typical Applications:

* Produce your own videos with captions and effects from your webcam or other video input device directly to your computer.
* Create "how to" instructional and training videos by capturing screen movements and audio.
* Capture video presentations such as internal company meetings or announcements for archiving.
* Record video memos and email to staff or colleagues.
* Capture instant snapshots from your favorite home videos to save them as jpg files.

Records video and saves them in many different file formats including .avi, .wmv, .flv, .asf .mpg, .3gp, .mp4, .mov and more

This video recording software is completely free and just 416 KB.

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