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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Newest technology to catch car thieves

Newest technology to catch car thieves

With one vehicle stolen every 26 seconds, using trap to nab the bad guys is nothing new in police work, but in Arlington County just outside of Washington, the police don't have to wait by the bait to nail their target.

When the unsuspecting thief forces open the door of an attractive car left in place by law enforcement, a hidden camera begins to film him. At the same time an alarm goes off in the police headquarters, and a GPS device automatically begins tracking him in the car.

Once a police team is in pace to make the arrest, they simply send an electronic command to the car to stop, locking its doors at the same time so the thief can't get out. He can't do anything but wait inside for the arrival of the police. With the video of the theft as evidence against them, the thieves have little to defend themselve with in court.

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